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Prescott Real Estate

Viewed as one of the fastest emerging cities in the metropolitan arena Prescott Arizona is often referred to as everyone’s hometown. The Prescott real estate vicinity is also the third largest metropolitan area in Arizona. The old western charm found throughout the Prescott community has dubbed it the Cowboy Capital of the World.

The multiple activities occurring year long adds to the allure of Prescott real estate and is one reason you will be wanting to make it your hometown. There is a thriving downtown area to compliment Prescott real estate. Prescott real estate also has a wealth of museums ranging in Arizona history, indigenous culture and children’s interaction and development. There is a zoo in the Prescott community. There are multiple golf courses to enjoy. Amidst Prescott real estate are also various forms of entertainment.

  • Prescott Community Adult Center
  • Elks Opera House
  • Prescott Fine Arts Association
  • Prescott Area Arts & Humanities Council
  • Yavapai College Performance Hall
  • Rodeo Fairgrounds

Beyond the historical paths Prescott real estate is inundated with amazing outdoor settings and adventures. With such a pleasant climate sports enthusiasts have a plethora of options to choose from. Owners of any Prescott real estate may participate in volleyball, tennis, basketball, flag football, softball or soccer leagues by means of the city of Prescott. Perhaps you want to enjoy the outdoors at your own pace. The multiple trails in and around Prescott real estate are designed for hiking, biking or even horseback riding. The Prescott and neighboring areas also supply ample space to soak up the splendid outdoors in the form of parks, lakes and nature preserves.

Sedona Real Estate

Near Prescott real estate, Sedona real estate is fortunate in having the picturesque backdrop of the famous Red Rocks of Sedona. The naturally beauty of this landscape has drawn filmmakers, tourists and residents since the 1950s. Despite the biking and hiking trails surrounding Sedona real estate multiple events within the city of Sedona offer the residents ample entertainment.

  • Sedona Jazz on the Rocks Festival
  • Sedona International Film Festival
  • The Sedona Miracle Annual Charity Fundraiser
  • El Prado by the Creek’s annual Creekside Serenade
  • Sedona Marathon

There is also a strong commitment, accompanied by diversity, to education among the Sedona real estate community. Public schools, Montessori schools, a boarding international high school, Yavapai College’s Sedona Center for Arts & Technology and the non traditional University of Sedona are all part of the choices for educational pursuits.

Verde Valley Real Estate

Intersected by the Verde River Verde Valley real estate consists of several smaller towns surrounded by the Mogollon Rim and Mingus Mountain. Verde Valley real estate is intertwined with natural and beautiful landscapes. Within Verde Valley real estate you will find excitement in the casino or tranquility from a scenic drive. You can learn about your area from a guided tour or view the majesty of it all from a sightseeing flight. If recreation is a reason for you to relocate Verde Valley real estate has what you are looking for.

  • Adventure Trips
  • Balloon Flights
  • Boating
  • Fishing
  • Golfing
  • Hiking
  • Horseback Riding
  • Off-road – ATV
  • Whitewater Rafting

Properties in Prescott, Sedona and Verde Valley Neighborhoods

Regardless of the reason you are looking at Prescott real estate, Sedona real estate or Verde Valley real estate the housing market has a wealth of styles and prices from luxury properties to first time buyer opportunities. You can decide if you want to have the Prescott home within the center of activity or the Sedona property that allows for space to remain secluded when wanting to.  Home sites can vary from a quaint manufactured home to a sprawling ranch. The right choice, however, is to make sure you have the knowledge and expertise working for you. This is where we come in. Our priority is your satisfaction. Call us today to get started.

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